SPIN100: Spinnaker Fundamentals

Releasing Software with Velocity and Confidence

This Spinnaker course is an introduction to continuous delivery on cloud infrastructure. It will cover the first principles of safe, frequent, and reliable software releases: Immutable infrastructure, Deployment Strategies, Automation, and Operational Integration.

Spinnaker is open source software that enables reliable, repeatable, and fast deployments at scale and supports multiple cloud providers for infrastructure. This course will feature Kubernetes as the cloud provider, but the general principles learned would be applicable to other cloud infrastructure, whether hosted or on prem.

The course is split into presentation and workshops:

  • The presentations provide an introduction to Continuous delivery with Spinnake and are meant to help students understand the “why” before they move to the workshop. The presentations will cover Spinnaker Architecture, subcomponents, core feature set, and pipelines.
  • The workshops provide hands-on experience with Spinnaker. Starting with a vanilla linux system, students will set up Github and Dockerhub accounts for continuous integration. We will then install and configure Spinnaker on top of Kubernetes. Finally, we’ll use Spinnaker to take an application from code commit to production release on a Kubernetes cluster.


IT, system administrators, and Devops stakeholders who have key roles and in the Software Development Life Cycle who want to learn about the best practices in Continuous Delivery on Cloud infrastructure.


  • Linux command line
  • Understanding of Cloud Computing
  • Basic Understanding of Infrastructure As a Service


Impact on the organization
This course is intended to develop the skills needed to create and manage continuous delivery workflows on top of cloud infrastructure, using Spinnaker. Continuous delivery with Spinnakr can increase the velocity of reliable and repeatable application releases to production. The business benefits include: accelerated time to market for new features, improved efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction and reduced costs associated with down time.
Smashware has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary.

Impact on the individual
As a result of attending this course, students should ultimately be able to manage and set up Spinnaker (continuous delivery tool) on Kubernetes.
Students should be able to understand and practice the following:

  • Kubernetes Cluster Installation
  • Spinnaker Overview
  • Spinnaker Architecture
  • Spinnaker-Kubernetes Integration
  • Kayenta Automated Canary Analysis
  • Spinnaker Installation
  • Spinnaker Pipelines and Continuous Delivery

Pdf faqs will students need the actual narnia books, or is the needed text data excerpted in the student books.