Live, onsite, and tailored to you

You can tailor a curriculum to your team’s needs and collaborate directly with one of Smashware’s instructors in the privacy of your location. Cross-training your architects, developers, administrators, and engineers also prepares you to optimize across the entire data value chain.

Enablement and Value

During the course, our Cloud Native experts are all yours—and we’ll focus our time on addressing your specific needs. We want you to benefit from our expertise, so you can have a successful Cloud environment that benefits your business.
A well-trained team is your most important investment towards extracting full value from the software development life cycle. Onsite training enables everyone to stay on-task, avoid fatigue, and collaborate in a familiar environment. You also save the costs associated with lost productivity, travel expenses, and jet lag.


If you have a team of between 5 and 20 people who could benefit from private training, please contact us using the form to the right or call us directly.