Our Company


Our Mission at Smashware is to build and deliver the best technical courses for Cloud Native education. From the level of detail in our course materials to the performance based hands-on labs, we build compelling content to drive learning in students. Our content creation process allows presentations and labs to be closely coupled to avoid discontinuity and loss of interest.
We’ve made it our mission to address common critiques of technical training courses below:

  • Running through the labs feels like a typing exercise
  • My instructor does not understand the subject is just parroting the slides.
  • The theory modules have nothing to do with the labs, they might as well be separate classes
  • The class is really boring

Who we are

Smashware was started by Lee Xie and Herman Narkaytis, with Lee taking the role of CEO and running day to day operations.

Lee Xie built and managed the training business at Mirantis and took it from infancy to maturity. During this 5 year tenure, Lee was ultimately responsible for all aspects of the business and recruited the entire team of content developers, trainers, and logistics. Under Lee, the business thrived and exceeded all expectations making multi-millions in annual revenue.

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